TaxAct 2019 Business 1120S Edition

Easy Guidance, Tools & Support to Maximize Deductions

Maximize your deductions and save time with various imports & reports

Answer easy interview questions, let TaxAct do the rest for you

Answer simple, plain-English questions and TaxAct automatically calculates and enters your data into the appropriate tax forms.

Step-by-step guidance to maximize business deductions

TaxAct walks you through a broad range of business expenses to help you accurately report and maximize your deductions.

Free IRS e-file for fast, accurate return filing & confirmation

E-file for free and get notification via email and/or text as soon as your return has been processed by the IRS.

Import last year’s return & fast data entry tools

Save time and minimize data entry errors by importing key data from last year’s TaxAct return. Plus, enter data directly into forms or use quick entry methods for M-3, 4562, K-1, and Schedule L information.

Automatic partner/shareholder allocation

Your Schedule K-1 items automatically allocate and update as business income, deductions, and credits change. Once complete, Schedule K-1 data can be imported into your 1040 TaxAct return.

Accounting Records Import

Easily import your Trial Balance Reports in CSV format from accounting software. Once imported, make any necessary adjustments and TaxAct will transfer to the appropriate lines.

Unlimited free support

Personalized help is available 24/7 in the Answer Center and online. Plus, get one-on-one guidance from our tax specialists and technical experts by email and phone for free!

Capital Gains Summary

Capital gains can be confusing, especially as your portfolio grows, and keeping track of all your transactions can be taxing. TaxAct's Capital Gains Summary makes comparing your short and long-term brokerage statement to your tax return fast and easy.

Depreciation and Disposal Summaries

Don't miss any valuable deductions! Easily and quickly review your current, future, and accumulated assets. Depreciation reports include fiscal and short-year calculations.

Reconciliation of income

TaxAct’s list of book to tax differences helps reconcile book income for completing Schedule M-1.

TaxTutor Guidance

Get easy-to-follow, expert tax tips and strategies, including the biggest money-saving deductions, explanations of complex tax laws changes, and pitfalls to avoid.

TaxAct Alerts

Steer clear of problems. TaxAct Alerts meticulously inspects your return for any errors, omissions, and valuable tax-saving opportunities you may have missed.

My Forms

Easily view and navigate to specific forms in your return.

Prior Year Comparison Report

Finds possible errors resulting from incorrect entries or overlooked information by comparing this year’s return to last year's data.

Multiple occurrences of supporting forms

TaxAct allows you to enter multiple copies of many forms.

Custom return printing

Print individual forms or multiple copies of your return.

Loan & savings calculators

Effortlessly compute loan payments or the future value of savings deposits, then print amortization and accumulation schedules.


Navigate your return on your terms. Simply Bookmark a question to return to it at any time.

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Tax Forms and Schedules
1120S Income Tax Return for S Corporations
1120-W Estimated Tax for Corporations
1125-A Cost of Goods Sold
2553 Election by a Small Business Corporation
2848 Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative
3115 Application for Change in Accounting Method
3468 Investment Tax Credit
4136 Credit for Federal Tax Paid on Fuels
4562 Depreciation and Amortization (Including Information on Listed Property)
4684 Casualties and Thefts
4797 Sales of Business Property
5471 Information Return of U.S. Persons With Respect to Certain Foreign Corporations
5884 Work Opportunity Credit
6252 Installment Sales
6478 Biofuel Producer Credit
6765 Credit for Increasing Research Activities
6781 Gains and Losses from Section 1256 Contracts
7004 Extension Time to File
8050 Direct Deposit of Corporate Tax Refund
8283 Noncash Charitable Contributions
8938 Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets
8453-S Tax Transmittal for E-file
8586 Low-Income Housing Credit
8594 Asset Acquisition Statement
8609-A Annual Statement for Low-Income Housing Credit
8716 Election To Have a Tax Year Other Than a Required Tax Year
8752 Required Payment of Refund Under Section 7519
8822-B Change of Address or Responsible Party
8824 Like-Kind Exchanges
8825 Rental Income
8826 Disabled Access Credit
8835 Renewable Electricity and Refined Coal Production Credit
8844 Empowerment Zone Employment Credit
8845 Indian Employment Credit
8846 Credit for Employer Social Security and Medicare Taxes Paid on Certain Employee Tips
8878-A Election by Small Business Corporation
8879-S Signature Authorization for Form 1120S
8881 Credit for Small Employer Pension Plan Startup Costs
8903 Domestic Production Activities Deduction
8910 Alternate Motor Vehicle Credit
8916-A Schedule M-3 Cost of Goods Sold
8941 Credit for Small Employer Health Insurance Premiums
8949 Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets
966 Corporate Dissolution or Liquidation
982 Reduction of Tax Attributes Due to Discharge of Indebtedness
B Other Information
D Capital Gains and Losses and Built-in Gains
F Farm Income/Loss
K Shareholders' Share of Income, Credits, Deductions
K-1 Shareholders' Share of Income, Credits, Deductions
L Balance Sheet per Books
M-1 Reconciliation of Income per Books with Income per Return
M-2 Analysis of Accumulated Adjustments Account
M-3 Net Income (Loss) Reconciliation for S Corporations with Total Assets of $10 Million or More
N Foreign Operations of U.S. Corporations
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$100k Accuracy Guarantee: If you pay an IRS or state penalty or interest because of a TaxAct calculation error, we'll pay you the difference in the refund or liability up to $100,000. This guarantee applies only to errors contained in our software; it doesn't apply to errors the customer makes. It also only applies to returns that are e-filed by taxpayers preparing their own tax returns using TaxAct's Consumer 1040 products (those located at Find out more about our $100k Accuracy Guarantee.

Maximum Refund Guarantee: If an error in our software causes you to receive a smaller refund or larger tax liability than you receive using the same data with another tax preparation product, we will pay you the difference in the refund or liability up to $100,000 and refund the applicable software fees you paid us. This guarantee only applies to returns that are e-filed by taxpayers preparing their own tax returns using our Consumer 1040 products (those located at

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with any TaxAct product, you may stop using the product prior to printing and/or filing your return. We are unable to refund fees after you print or e-file your return.

Surprisingly Legal Deductions and Credits

*TaxAct is a DIY tax software that guides users in accurately preparing their taxes by reviewing over 350 credits and deductions. Examples of specific deductions and credits don't work for all folks or in all circumstances and by themselves don't constitute legal or tax advice. Your personal tax situation may vary.

Free Filing

The TaxAct Online 2019 Free Edition makes free federal available for simple returns only. Not everyone has a simple return. Find out if you have a simple return and more about what the 2019 Free Edition includes.

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File free with TaxAct's Online 2019 Free Edition. Find out more about free product. For all other products, you can start free and pay only when you file. This means you will not be charged if you decide to stop using any product prior to printing and e-filing.

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Quick Start Options

Quick start options include PDF import, prior year import, and W-2 photo capture. To import your prior year return, you must either have a PDF copy of a return available or have filed your return the previous year with TaxAct. To capture your W-2 with a camera with your phone, you must be able to download and install TaxAct's mobile app and grant it the necessary camera and image privileges. To ensure accuracy, we will ask you to review any information we're able to import (either through PDF import, prior year import, or W-2 photo capture) and review it for accuracy. These quick start options save time by not requiring you to enter some of your information manually.

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